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There is no power available to effect heart transformation unless Christ intervenes. Apart from Him, we can do nothing. (John 15:5)

Dr. Tikki has 8 years of experience as a Biblical Counselor.  She has a passion for God's Word and has helped many women find truth and life change in the Gospel.  Most of her experience has been counseling clients through marriage issues, self esteem, depression, fear, anxiety, anger and a range of social issues. She also has experience working with single mothers and daughters. Dr. Tikki is also an Author, Radio Host, Christian Filmmaker, Mentor and life Coach. She holds a  Phd in Healthcare Management.

Dr. Tikki and her husband, Pastor Cal, are grateful to have been married for ten years. 

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“Dr. Tikki is a no-nonsense, practical and straight-forward kind of woman who’ll get to the heart of your matter before you even know you’re on the operating table. She cut through my waffling and wailing in no time and got me honed and focused so that even now, if I get ambivalent, I remember her advice to me. She’s also kind and personable, fun and extremely honest. If you want some power life-coaching to get yourself on track pretty darn quick, she’s your woman.”



“I found Dr. Tikkis approach really refreshing. There was no sugar coating or magical promises, yet I could tell that Dr. Tikki had something great to offer. Talk about putting things in check! One big ah ha moment for me was when we talked about how I priced my products and services in my business. She explained why going back to those core values would play a big part in helping me with pricing in conjunction with other factors. I look forward to working with her again and would recommend her services to anyone who is ready to make changes for the better. 

Lasandra Wright


“I wanted to just take a minute to say thank you for all your support, love and patience with my daughter. As I am sure you know, she is so special to me and I love her so much and only want the best for her. When she was going through her difficult time I feel so blessed we were given you in our lives to help her through it. She grew to truly love you and enjoy the time she got to spend with you. I do believe she is a stronger young lady and has some tools under her belt to help her with the challenges and ugliness that life may throw at her. You are a great lady, great at what you do, and we hope only the best for you as well.  Again, thank you for all you did and thank you for staying open to the possibility of needing you in the future!” 

Belinda C.


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